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Self-Defense Practice Night

This night is for you!

We all want to defend our families and we need to practice and hone our skills to do so. We need more than just standing still and shooting in a lane at a target.

This night will be a two hour session of realistic, small round count scenarios. No long shots. No shooting at umpteen different targets -- just drills and scenarios that are more suited to real-life self defense.

Participation will be limited to allow each shooter to have time to shoot with minimal waiting, so reservations are strongly recommended.

Prerequisites:  None -- other than being a moral and upstanding member of society.

Required Equipment:  Please bring the following with you: 

  • Handgun with a minimum of 2 magazines (or speed-loaders for revolvers)

  • Practical-concealable hip holster (no small-of-back, fanny pack, or shoulder rigs)

  • Belt-mounted magazine pouch(s) for at least one magazine or speed-loader

  • Garment that will conceal your handgun

  • Eye and ear protection

  • 50 to 75 rounds of ammunition (minimum)

Reservations / Cancellation Policy: To guarantee a spot in the class send us an e-mail (Shoot2Live@net) with your commitment to attend. 

NOTE: We take you at your word.  We promise to be there.  We expect the same from you.  A reservation guarantees you space and it is therefore a promise to pay the class fee even if your plans change. 

No Reservation Walk-ins: We will accept shooters without reservations as long as there is room.

Late Arrivals: The door to the range may be locked.  If you arrive late, please call 919-741-8808 for entrance.  Due to range noise we will open the door as soon as possible after we “feel the vibration" of your call.

Class Fee: $40.00 (For video of your scenarios please add $10. The videos will be yours to download.)

Duration: Two hours

Ammunition: 50 to 75 rounds (minimum)

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Revised: 12/15/12